Mountain Bike gloves: a buying guide

Mountain Bike gloves: a buying guide

When riding a mountain bike, the hands are the parts of the body most exposed to the risk of scratches, wounds or injuries. For this reason, they must be protected with suitable gloves.
In addition to protecting and reducing cuts and abrasions, gloves also help cyclists to grip the handlebars, while facilitating grip on the grips.
Gloves also help absorb many of the vibrations derived from uneven terrain, which is usually faced by mountain bikers.

What mountain biking gloves look like

In order to know how to select the best gloves for mountain biking, it is also essential to know their specifics and find out how they are made.
Clarino, a synthetic leather, makes the palm part of the glove very opaque.
Thanks to high-density foam inserts at the places where the palm is in contact with the handlebars, grip can be increased.
Sometimes there are Velcro ties with which the gloves can be closed, although the latest models are slip-on type, i. e., without ties.
Finally, the back of the glove is covered with a synthetic material such as mesh, and it is marked by a perforated 3D texture to facilitate ventilation.
On the back is also preferable the presence of a microfiber or foam insert, allowing you to easily wipe away sweat during riding.

MTB glove types

Several types of gloves can be found on the market: short-fingered gloves, also known as fingerless, and long-fingered gloves.
In the past, short-fingered gloves were considered suitable for the summer season and long-fingered gloves suggested for the winter, but now this distinction is over.

Nowadays, thanks to the evolution of construction technology, long-fingered gloves can be considered suitable for all seasons of the year, including summer, as they are made of breathable materials.

Short-fingered cycling gloves

Short-fingered gloves are typically used by road cyclists, but they can also be used for mountain biking. They just cover half of the fingers, in addition to the back and palm of the hand.
This aspect can facilitate the handling of the seatpost, brake lever and shifting controls, but, on the other hand it can be a problem, since the uncovered part can be made slick by sweat, limiting the effectiveness and timeliness of shifting and braking.
Teosport short gloves are designed with breathable, aerodynamic textile, which improves breathability and ensures quick drying. It also provides excellent grip and control in all situations.
The glove’s conformation allows for a better balance between hand/handlebar and natural shifting. In the lower part of the palm, they have a tab, which allows you to slip the glove easily.

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Long fingered cycling gloves

When opting for long-fingered gloves, you can enjoy a better grip on the brake lever. Long-fingered models should always be preferred to short-fingered ones because they provide a greater grip, protecting the fingers more effectively and reducing sweating on the hands.
Teosport’s Eagle Line MTB glove ensures excellent breathability, thanks to the use of a special lightweight mesh. Its structure allows optimal ventilation, reducing sweating in the hands.
The glove’s palm is realized with 3D mesh, a breathable material that allows the glove to dry quickly. The presence, on the other hand, of a terry cloth insert between the palm and thumb helps the cyclist dry sweat quickly while riding.
Finally, a highly valued solution is the special cuff closure that ensures a snug and comfortable fit of the glove.

Now you know how to choose the best gloves for mountain bike