Wilma Bloody Queen: the first menstrual pad for cycling in total freedom

Wilma Bloody Queen: the first menstrual pad for cycling in total freedom

Bloody Queen: the first menstrual pad for cycling

Bloody Queen, is the first menstrual pad created by Wilma in collaboration with Teosport.

Wilma, a French women’s cycling clothing manufacturer, devotes its whole activity to women cyclists and has always paid attention to sustainable production and comfort.
Teosport, an Italian cycling products company, has been producing pads over many years, with a strong focus on technical innovation that can ensure comfort and increase performance for every cyclist.

From the union of two parallel and close visions comes Bloody Queen, a special menstrual pad that fits easily into cycling shorts and bib.

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Bloody Queen: key features of the menstrual pad

For women who ride a bike, their periods are often a cause of stress and discomfort. The menstrual chamois changes women’s cycling experience. On one hand, the pad combines Wilma’s enterprising female vision and, on the other, Teosport’s know-how in producing pads that ensure maximum comfort and long-lasting hygienic protection.

Created using E-GO, a soft, breathable and eco-friendly material, this innovative pad prevents chafing and ensures quick drying thanks to the addition of Cell Pur foam.

Bloody Queen is available in three different Teo Sport technologies:

Then, depending on the type of use, it is possible to choose the right technology and the right support for each cyclist’s needs.

Furthermore, thanks to the combination of different technical layers, it is able to absorb the equivalent of two pads without leaving humidity or stains on your cycling clothing. For up to 6 hours, every woman can ride in total freedom with maximum protection.

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The pad has some specific features that make it valuable and useful:

· Easy to wash;
· Anti-leak;
· Anti-odor;
· Non-toxic;
· Suitable for any type of flow.

Like all women’s pads created by Teosport, this menstrual pad is designed to reduce pressure in the pubic area, especially when the weight shifts forward on the bike saddle.

Bloody Queen is a symbol of female emancipation, as women can finally enjoy sport without experiencing the discomfort of the menstrual cycle. It is also eco-friendly, being produced by recycling waste.

Céline Champonnet, creator of Wilma, explains the origin of the Bloody Queen in a interview with 3bike.fr:

When I had the idea of ​​creating Wilma, I wanted to help women in their practice of cycling . Every product I thought of had to have a really useful function and use for women and with a real commitment to responsible design. We were at the start of 2020, right in the middle of the period panties revolution. A first strong observation: nothing of this type existed for women who regularly practice cycling. The idea of ​​the menstrual pad was born! The creation of this pad is a real step forward for the emancipation of women by freeing them from the mental burden, stress and constraints that menstrual cycles can cause for practitioners and high-level athletes.

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The menstrual shorts are available in  Wilma’s shop in several clothing sizes, from XS to 3XL. The product is available in the colours black, aubergine and cedar. Teo Sport has the permission to produce the Bloody Queen pad at any brand.

How to take care of your menstrual chamois

Shorts and/or bib tend to wear out more easily than the pad, which can lose compression and elasticity and so affect the comfort of the pad too.

The protective foams are certainly more likely to wear out faster than the surface fabric: this is why the pad should be replaced in the case of loss of comfort.
The pad, like the shorts and bib, must be immediately washed after use. You can simply rinse it by hand in cold water to remove excess flow and then machine wash it at 30°. In order to avoid bacterial profiling, it is also advisable to use an antibacterial or hypoallergenic soap.