Greentech Lab, the Teosport environmental awareness initiative, began in 2000 and is the driving force for new development. We aim to achieve maximum technical performance and work to protect our fragile environment.

Staying aware of sustainability issues is essential for Teosport. We continually improve and propose new products that align with current market demands. Teosport values innovation in its technological progress and undertakes research to make sure it meets each client’s needs in an environmentally conscious way.

To do this Teosport analyses the entire life cycle of our products. We investigate every step in our entire production cycle, including design, production, packaging and shipment, to ensure it leaves the smallest possible “footprint” on our ecosystem. Careful control means we notice and immediately take action to improve production processes, to stay true to our original eco-friendly philosophy. We also analyse contemporary methods to facilitate recycling at the end of a product’s life

Some first steps Teosport Greentech Lab took were to reduce emissions and air pollution, which  can be hazardous to public health and contribute to climate change. We achieved this by:


Working with suppliers
who support our environmental initiatives


Using local
technical laboratories


Encouraging use
of energy efficient
power sources


Reducing and
reusing packaging


Optimising our transport
and delivery operations


Correct disposal
of our waste

To work with Teosport, our suppliers must adopt these practices. It is important that they embody our core values and commitment to protecting the environment.

Some of the first results of our green effort were cost savings and reduced waste, achieved through reducing packaging, optimising goods transport, separating waste to facilitate recycling. Further initiatives reduced overall energy and water consumption.

Teosport also works hard to improve local work processes to protect its regional environment.



Teosport’s Vision means your company and your customers can trust our products.

Our auditing process gives Teosport a unique opportunity. It lets us evaluate our environmental protection efforts in action. We analyse every product and process involved in production, and measure each of them against a recognised, high standard. We analyse and evaluate every fabric, foam and in-house process, such as our laminating techniques.

Underlining our dedication to these standards, Teosport submits its processes and products to Centrocot – Centro Tessile Cotoniero Insitute for auditing and certification. Materials and finished products undergo comprehensive testing and detailed analysis, to guarantee the ecological characteristics of our products, and ensures they do not contain any substance which could potentially damage public health. We are proud to have followed this process since 2003.

Teosport’s annual OEKO-TEX® certification provides further quality assurance. Textile production processes require fabrics to be treated with a range of chemical substances, including stabilisers, acids, salts, oxidants, flame retardants and dyes. Many treatments can include potentially harmful substances which can leave chemical residues on the fabric, such as arsenic, nickel, chromium, copper, cadmium, lead, mercury, formaldehyde and allergenic dyes. For that reason, every Teosport fabric, foam and product meets OEKO-TEX® certification criteria.




Teosport Research and Development ensures that the high technical performance of its products is maintained, whenever it revisits and revises its product processes.

Teosport has been working, for many years, to combine maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. We have created a range of products made from recycled fishing nets recovered from the ocean, and a range of fabrics made from biodegradable yarns.



We need, and want, to respect nature and acknowledge that fossil fuel resources are finite.

UN Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) and UN Environment programme (UNEP) research estimates approx. 8 million tonnes of waste ends up in the sea annually, including 640,000 tonnes of fishing gear, including discarded and lost fishing nets. Because of continued accumulation, and the durability and impact of these so-called ghost nets on marine ecosystems, we need to radically change our approach. One step is turning recovered fishing nets into yarn.

Teosport supports the Healthy Seas ocean clean-up initiative. This removes ghost nets from the marine environment for recycling and reuse. Recovered fishing nets are delivered to a manufacturer which which transforms them, via a sophisticated, complex recycling process, to virgin raw material. Combined with other waste materials, it becomes ECONYL® regenerated nylon yarn. ECONYL® has the same qualities as virgin nylon yet is made from 100% recycled materials, and can be recycled endlessly without losing material quality.

Since 2016 Teosport has partnered with Sportwear Argentona to develop Marnets, a new functional fabric made from this recycled material, which is suitable for technical sportswear. Marnets high quality eco-sustainable fabric has the same high performance as a fabric made with standard polyester.

Teosport e-go is a super soft, comfortable, highly breathable, easy to care for fabric. And it’s biodegradable. Made with Amni Soul Eco® yarn, e-go fabric exemplifies Teosport’s eco-friendly values.

Teosport e-go has a special composition which guarantees accelerated decomposition in anaerobic landfill. It is eliminated in approx. 5 years, while similar virgin synthetic fabric can take decades to decompose.

Amni Soul Eco® is a next generation sustainable yarn, created via a process which conforms to eco-friendly principles: water reuse, limited CO2 emissions, limiting highly polluting substances. It is biodegradable, according to ASTM D5511. Like other biodegradable products Amni Soul Eco® decomposes in anaerobic landfill to become organic matter (biomass) and biogas, which can be used as new resources for the environment and for electricity generation.

Eco-friendly Foam


Teosport has undertaken research to raise our supportive, protective products to the next level. Teosport already uses eco-friendly foam, so our next improvement is foam that is both natural and environmentally safe.







cellpur® is the first eco-friendly foam to contain TENCEL™, a cellulosic fibre produced by Lenzing, Austria, from sustainably sourced wood using an environmentally friendly process.

Incorporating TENCEL™ particles in cellpur® foam creates a premium polyurethane foam with excellent moisture regulating properties. These particles absorb up to 70% of their weight in moisture and act as temporary moisture reservoirs, removing it from the surrounding environment.

The TENCEL™ particles in cellpur® store moisture, promptly release it, ready to absorb more moisture. This continuous cycle delivers a drier climate, perfect for use in cycling chamois.

cellpur® properties:
• Absorbs, stores and promptly releases moisture so you stay drier
• High elasticity and recovery, high resilience and superior comfort
• Great durability
• High air permeability
• Sustainability: TENCEL™ particles are extracted from wood
• Suitable for allergy sufferers