How to choose the perfect winter cycling gloves

How to choose the perfect winter cycling gloves

A truly motivated cyclist does not hang up his bike with the arrival of the last months of the year. Even if the passion doesn’t cool down, a little extra caution goes a long way to keeping yourself in good health even when winter definitely sets in.

Winter cycling gloves: why you can’t do without them

Winter cycling gloves are accessories that can protect hands and fingers and wrist from the consequences of intense cold such as loss of feeling, frostbite, frostbite, as well as defend against bumps and scrapes. Cycling in winter without gloves exposes you more to the risk of suffering from tears, calluses and blisters. One or more layers of material are usually used to make winter cycling gloves.

The first remains in contact with the skin consisting of plush and soft materials, pre-prepared to preserve warmth. The second, composed of more durable technical fabrics. Often the two materials are used together in combination with a membrane or film that lies in between. This is necessary to ensure total protection from wind and ensure waterproofness.

Cycling gloves for winter are great accessories for keeping your hands warm and protected when cycling in the winter season, without resorting to extensive padding that would increase bulk. However, you need to choose the right models for your needs to achieve truly perfect wind and cold protection. Here are a few considerations that never hurt!

Winter cycling gloves: why you can't do without them

How to choose the right winter cycling gloves

How to choose the right winter cycling gloves

There are many models of winter gloves on the market, but not all of them offer the same features. Certainly the most reliable ones feature excellent quality fabric that ensures high performance. Other features to evaluate when looking for the best winter cycling gloves are:

  • shape
  • size
  • footprint
  • waterproofness
  • breathability
  • thermal insulation
  • grip
  • slightness
  • cuff structure
  • any gadgets such as connection to mobile devices via touchscreen
  • weather conditions of the period of the area in which one intends to ride a bike

Effective winter cycling gloves manage to wrap around the hands, fingers and wrist, protecting them without restricting movement. It’s certainly not a good thing not to be able to move your thumb, index and middle fingers when it comes to braking!

Winter gloves for cycling should be light on the palm of the hands so as to provide appropriate sensitivity on the handlebars and be reinforced on the back so that brakes and gears can be operated without difficulty. Gloves that are too large run the risk of shedding heat and letting in the cold: gloves that are too tight can lead to blisters and impaired blood circulation. If gloves are not enough to protect fingers from the cold, we can add undergloves to achieve satisfactory insulation.

Better to opt for fluorescent glove models or ones with reflective grafts that are easily visible even during periods of reduced light. Effective winter cycling gloves fit snugly in the palm of the hand without allowing the generation of vacuum pockets. Some advanced models even feature small batteries allocated in special compartments to power heat generation for the benefit of the hands.

Winter cycling gloves what you need know

Winter gloves for cyclists: what you need to know

Winter cycling gloves certainly are bulkier than their summer equivalents, but it’s a small price to pay to keep your fingers warm and functional when cycling in winter. Effective gloves protect hands from moisture, rain and snow, absorb accumulated sweat and provide internal warmth via special membrane.

High-quality winter cycling gloves are made from breathable and durable fabric. Thanks to the breathable inner membrane, they allow you to release sweat while insulating your hands from the biting cold. Any silicone grafts on the palm and fingers provide excellent cushioning on the handlebars. If the cuffs are composed of elastic material, they can adapt well to the shape of each wrist. The cuff also plays a role in insulating the hand from cold air: models with Velcro fasteners allow the closure to be adjusted and prevent air from entering the hand.

The best cycling gloves for winter: to know about

Winter cycling gloves can really make the difference between getting pleasure from winter cycling and experiencing a real ordeal. As you surely know, in cold temperatures, vasoconstriction leads the body to concentrate blood circulation to vital organs, neglecting more distant parts such as hands and feet. Riding a bike with the mind constantly reminding us how cold our fingers feel is not exactly a good feeling.

Each model of winter glove can differ in the type of material used or the combination of them to achieve different rain and windproof effects. A merino wool interior keeps the hand warm without being surrounded by sweat.

The Winter Classic glove is made from a special bi-elastic fabric with a windproof membrane and cozy fleece on the inside, a great cycling accessory for protecting hands against the elements. The palm equipped with siliconized support helps you never lose your grip on the handlebars.

A Concetto Fleece mid-season glove is just what you need to cope with the not-yet-very-cold early winter weather. It features a cuff closure for an excellent fit and siliconized grip to optimize grip on the handlebars.

The Neoprene glove is an apt choice for keeping your hand warm when cycling in winter: this model is comparable in materials to a diving suit, and will likewise keep you warm!

Among the best winter gloves you cannot miss the one we propose made of AirTech material. A model designed to withstand quite cold temperatures thanks to the 3D mesh that makes up its fabric, possibly associated with mid-season gloves to further improve its thermality.

To preserve the characteristics of good winter gloves intact, remember to always wash them with cold water and then let them dry. When you no longer need them, lay them in a drawer inside an envelope, making sure they are totally dry. If the gloves have a double layer, each can be washed separately.

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Get ready to forget the cold when you ride your bike! If you need advice on the best winter cycling gloves