TM Armadillo bike pad connects over 40 years of Teosport research with the latest performance technology. The TM Armadillo project began to fulfil a need for a revolutionary new chamois for technical cycling shorts. Teosport is very proud of this technology and of our ability to constantly push the boundaries in technical cycling apparel and define new frontiers in performance and comfort.
Our previous cycling chamois, based on the T-Mirror concept was already very successful, but we wanted to make a new product. One that would offer even more comfort by mirroring previously implemented features. As challenges arose we found we could expand our research to meet these new demands.
Our inspiration came from the animal kingdom, with the armadillo. The armadillo perfectly exemplified our goals and embodied traits including protection, comfort and resilience. Evolving over millions of years to withstand adverse weather conditions, and protect itself from predators, the armadillo perfectly represented our hard work.
TM Armadillo cycling pad incorporates several features from our T-Mirror model. It uses the same durable foam for comfort and longevity. The new channels increase performance during extension, compression, torsion and inclination.