TM Triathlon Iron
TM Triathlon Iron
CODE: HT0167.LI00

TM Triathlon Iron

TM Triathlon is an innovative collection designed for Triathlon. A study on the disciplines allowed us to create a solution for the Sprint, Olympic and Iron Man races. Abbimano analyzed the position of the cyclist’s saddle and the support points. TM Triathlon Iron is designed for long distance racing. We paid particular attention to the front area by applying a Poron support. Usually the athletes who compete in very long competitions with the Iroman, maintain a position in the saddle very similar to the one they will then use for racing. Then they lean on the handlebars and rest or even touch the saddle only at a point far forward. In the back instead there is a minimal support with density 80. The perforation allows transpiration and quick drying.

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A: 24,8 cm
B: 14.5 cm

Technical details