Summer Mountain Bike Clothing: best buying tips

Summer Mountain Bike Clothing: best buying tips

What is the best clothing for mountain biking in summer? When looking for clothing and accessories to use on a MTB, you should not think that this discipline is the same as other cycling activities.
In the summer, it is important to choose and wear technical clothing suitable for the high temperatures, such as summer gloves, bandannas, and caps, i.e., accessories that enable comfortable and agile cycling.

Summer mountain bike gloves

When riding MTB in summer, gloves are very important, even though they are often overlooked.Instead, they play a fundamental function in ensuring that the hands can be protected from cuts and abrasions, not only in the event of an accident, but also during normal riding.
The hands, in fact, are the first part of the body to be affected in case of a fall, so they need special protection. In addition, gloves help to control the bike more easily as they allow the fingers to be closer to the handlebars.
It is also important that summer gloves are light and breathable, so that they feel almost like a second skin. The latest models are designed with synthetic materials and ergonomics, which are sometimes also equipped with a transpiring net.
Indeed, there are both full-length long-fingered summer gloves and short-fingered summer gloves, whose protection and grip are partial.
Summer MTB gloves are different from winter gloves in many aspects: design, functionality and naturally the materials of composition. Summer gloves are less bulky compared to winter gloves and they allow the fingers to be easily moved; in addition, they are equipped with padding and inserts that ensure quick drying while riding.

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Several models for each discipline

There are different summer gloves for MTB depending on the discipline to be practiced. For example, for enduro riding, it is very important that the gloves have a slim design to prevent the hands from sweating. They must be made of breathable material and ensure maximum comfort, as well as providing direct contact with the handlebars and controls.
On the other hand, downhill gloves need additional padding, which are made of carbon so that knuckles and fingers can be protected from shrubs, bushes and branches.
Short-fingered gloves are indispensable when trying out cross-country: a discipline where the danger of falls is limited. Finally, gloves for mountain riders cover the whole hand and they are usually equipped with high-density open cell foam inserts to ensure superior comfort and prevent fingers from becoming tired while riding.


Sunglasses are indispensable for mountain bikers in the summer. It is important to choose suitable lenses. In any case, photochromic lenses are the best to prevent the intense rays of the summer sun. They automatically turn lighter or darker depending on the level of intensity.
There are also models on the market that allow the use of interchangeable lenses. The most important thing is that the eyes are enveloped enough to be protected also from dust or other elements that could trouble them, such as dirt or pebbles. The design of sunglasses, precisely for this reason, should be as wrap-around as possible. It is also ideal to have a ventilated frame, which is indispensable to prevent condensation on the lenses.

Bandane per MTB

Bandanas are a very useful accessory that can add a touch of colour to any outfit and, at the same time, are an absolutely indispensable item of clothing for cyclists.
A bandana can be worn around the head to protect it from the sun and wind, especially when wearing a perforated helmet. It is also useful for keeping warm in winter. On the other hand, the cycling bandana also helps to avoid direct contact between the skin and polystyrene, the material from which most head protectors are made.

MTB cap

Another must-have for cyclists is the MTB cap. Besides being functional, protecting against the sun from the front, they also add a touch of glamour to the sportsman’s outfit, thanks to their wide range of colours and designs.