Women’s cycling pad: everything you need to know

Women’s cycling pad: everything you need to know

Cycling is a fulfilling and fun activity, however, as with all sports, care must be taken so that it does not lead to harm to the body if it is done inappropriately or without proper precautions. Cycling pads are an important part of sports shorts for cycling for a long time while preserving one’s well-being.

What are women’s cycling pads and why they are important

Cycling pads are padding made of foam (polyurethanes) inserted inside bike shorts in order to protect your private parts from the stress of cycling.
Quality cycling pads for women allow female cyclists to avoid the onset of skin redness due to chafing and to limit other forms of discomfort. In fact, without proper supports, female cyclists may end up in an unnatural posture pushed forward on the handlebars, and make involuntary movements that are harmful to their health.

Women’s pads: why are they different from those for men?

Men and women have anatomical differences that need to be taken into account when choosing bike pads to avoid the onset of pain and disease.

The female pelvis develops in width and the pubic angle is wider than that of men. The women’s pad therefore is made for the purpose of limiting the pressure generated when the body’s weight shifts forward toward the handlebars, as well as to avoid chafing that can cause vulvo vaginitis and cystitis.

How to choose cycling pads for women

Come scegliere fondelli ciclismo da donna

The choice of a bicycle seat pad is often carried out with little attention, as if it were a detail of little importance, but in fact it is a key piece in making sure that riding a bike does not generate negative repercussions for the health of our body.
When choosing women’s cycling pads, one must pay attention to the density index of the foam in relation to the distances one plans to ride. The padding is intended to protect the genitals and defend the surrounding skin from chafing and bumps, which could reverberate as pain in the hips, buttocks or ischiums.

Choosing the ideal women’s bicycle pad should take several aspects into account, first and foremost:

  • size: the padding should be neither too wide nor too thick in relation to one’s build
  • conformity to the saddle and the way of pedaling, so that the accessory does not move in the groin area when getting on or off the saddle
  • seams are flat and do not protrude to avoid the occurrence of redness
    material in contact with the skin should ideally have antibacterial qualities (understood as preventing the proliferation of germs) to ward off inflammation and redness

It goes without saying that the best pads for women are such in that they have all these valuable properties designed to improve the well-being of female cyclists. Very inexpensive models can hardly ensure an equal level of protection and efficiency.

Best women’s cycling pad: the qualities

Choosing the best women’s pads means investing in your well-being, avoiding unpleasant discomfort as well as improving your cycling performance. The quality of the pads is influenced by several aspects, primarily the density of the foam, type of padding, drying speed, breathability and anti-bacterial properties.

One must also consider the type of bike one is using: for a mountain bike, for example, a wider pad in the back is recommended so that it can protect the ischial bones more, while, if one is using a road bike, one can opt for classic models, which are generally more linear.

The built-in foam can be of different densities and thicknesses, in any case it should not be too soft or too hard: this also depends on the experience level of the person in question; therefore, it is important to understand which one is right for you, otherwise you risk defeating its function.


Cycling pads for women: the models to know

If you need tips on how to choose the best pad, you’ve come to the right place. Teosport has a long experience in accessories that can make cycling an even more enjoyable and problem-free experience. We can recommend some models of women’s pads specially designed to counteract the onset of physical pain and improve sports performance.

The Armadillo Concept women’s road pad is the result of an original technology based on special crushing, which acts at different levels and heights. It is an ideal solution for facilitating compression, tilting and twisting movements of the active cyclist, especially for engaging in long rides. The inner foam provides superior support and comfort due to the whole foam placed in central area.

Armadillo Concept Woman 1
Armadillo Concept Woman 2

The Blade Sign Armadillo is a 3D women’s pad focused on the principles of lightness, flexibility and high degree of support. It is an especially lightweight yet durable women’s pad. The model features variable-height contoured channels to keep it in the designated position at all times and facilitate pedaling. The innovative Blade Sign cutting system dispenses with excess foam to support softness. Perforated foam with 90-density open cells provides great breathability and moisture management.

Blade Sign Armadillo woman 2
Blade Sign Armadillo woman 1

Multi Density Evo is a single layer pad with two different density foams to ensure comfort for the rider while riding along steep terrain. The addition of the two ultra-density inserts provides excellent support in the ischial bone area, while the rear area is wider to ensure stability in the saddle.

Multi Density Evo woman 1
Multi Density Evo woman 2

Are you unsure whether to lean toward a pad suited for a given terrain rather than another, or between downhill and gravel? Mengoshi is the right women’s pad for those who don’t want to have these thoughts. The cohesion of three types of foams provides the correct support at the support points, transparency and elasticity essential to improve rear stability, and thanks to the innovative frame you can benefit from appreciable comfort from multiple angles.

Mengoshi woman 2
Mengoshi woman 1

Teosport strives to offer accessories such that they meet the practical needs of all female cyclists. Bloody Queen, the first menstrual pad, integrable allows you to avoid any kind of irritation and allows quick drying. It integrates seamlessly into cycling shorts and dungarees and offers excellent comfort and hygienic protection for a long time.

fondello per mestruazioni

TM Evo offers unique shaping of the pad on the side flaps that take the shape of a 90-degree contour, foams with excellent breathability, and a flat surface with support inserts that provide enviable stability. A configuration suitable for women to reduce stress on the body from pedaling.

TM Evo woman
TM Evo woman bottom